Media Conversions

We offer Media Conversions for VHS, Beta, 8 mm or camcorder tapes.  Have any old family videos you would like converted to downloadable files in Google Drive, a DVD or a digital format stored on a USB?

Multiple studies have shown magnetic media that is stored in good conditions (humidity, temperatures, free of dust & magnetic fields), they still will decay 10-20% over 10 years.

Preserve what you cherish for generations to come!

We provide free pickup in the Greater Cleveland Area.

Need Conversions in Florida?  Visit our family's Florida site...


"I had some VHS tapes converted to DVD. They came out wonderful. These family tapes are 35 years old and you would never know they were that old. Everything was done in a very timely manner. I would highly recommend them." ~Patty

Here is our pricing for the Media Conversion Services we offer.

VHS, Beta, Camcorder tapes

Number of Tapes 1-10 Tapes 11-20 Tapes 21-30 Tapes 31-40 Tapes 41-50 Tapes 51+ Tapes
Price $20 per Tape $19 per Tape $18 per Tape $17 per Tape $16 per Tape $15 per Tape

8mm Film and Super 8mm

Length up 20 Reels 21-40 Reels 41-60 Reels 61-80 Reels 81+ Reels
Price $10.00 per Reel $9.50 per Reel $9.00 per Reel $8.50 per Reel $8.00 per Reel

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